The official Peace Corps Jamaica Instagram page has been doing a series of volunteer “takeovers” for the month to give a magnified look at the life of a volunteer. This month, the takeover series specifically highlights the diversity of our volunteers in celebration of Black History Month, exhibiting what it means to be a volunteer of color in Jamaica, and the unique responsibilities that come along with it. Group 87 Education Volunteer, Blessing, shared how the color of her skin has shaped her service during her personal takeover.

“Being a Peace Corps Volunteer, specifically a Black Peace Corps Volunteer, comes with a lot of responsibility in my opinion. I know for me, growing up, the role models that made the biggest impression were the ones that looked like me, that I could identify with. The ones that I could say ‘Hey – they get what it means to be a black girl, I could actually grow up to be just like them.’ It was empowering.”
“I see myself in the young girls that I work with and I realize that I could be that role model that they say ‘Hey! She’s just like me, looks like me, has hair like me, and look where she’s at. I can do that, too!’ That’s a big responsibility to have, but I am so grateful for it everyday!”

Be sure to follow @peacecorpsjamaica on Instagram to keep up with the rest of Blessing’s takeover, as well as other exciting stories from our diverse volunteer community.

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